STARLOVENOVA offers book cover design  without the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

We use custom render creations, or purchased render stock, along with stock obtained from Deposit Photos.

We offer both PREMADE and CUSTOM designs,and we can also help with: Audio Covers, Kindle Vella, Mockups, FB Banners, and Bookmarks.

Talk to us about Fantasy Map design and chapter headers/dividers, both of which are always a lovely touch to your hard work.

So, if you are looking for something special for your story ,or looking for a cover to inspire you, please feel free to browse the shop.

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Since we create custom renders for our customers, we have decided to include 3D Renders as part of our offering.

Please join NOVA Render Stock on Facebook for the latest renders, and freebie bundles for you to use in your own cover creations.